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Need marketing that grows with you? Sustain the growth of your multi-location healthcare business with streamlined marketing operations that prioritizes scalability.

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Generally speaking, your multi-location healthcare organization already has a leg up against your independent counterparts in terms of local market presence and resources at your disposal. The challenge is using this edge effectively across each location without getting buried in complicated processes and incurring a hefty dent on your marketing budget.

The key to a thriving multi-location healthcare business is scalable marketing. You'll need a set of strategies that can help you succeed at the local level and these strategies must be easy for each location to adapt and adjust as needed, must be automated where it can be, and must be flexible to accommodate for growth or directional shifts.

Scalable Marketing for Healthcare

True marketing scalability in the multi-location healthcare space supports expansion and revenue growth while minimizing complications and increases in operational costs. We'll help you build a solid marketing foundation using tools, strategies, and resources that can grow with you.

Plan for the long-term

Scalability matters because growth in business means you'll be working with more locations, patients, data, and resources. Without planning for growth, you'll create bottlenecks, lose bargaining power, and sacrifice service quality. In short, your marketing operations will unnecessarily be more complicated and expensive.

With our expertise in growing multi-location healthcare business, we'll help you plan for the long-term so you can spend smartly and execute effectively along the way.

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Strategic Growth Plan

Let's take a look at where you are now and where you want to be in the next few years and anticipate the structural needs for your marketing operations. We'll help you map resources, vet tools, and lay down a long-term strategy your locations can get behind.


Test-Learn-Replicate Marketing

Need we say more? Learning what not to do is just as important and cost-saving as devising a strategic growth plan. We'll develop templates, strategies, and campaigns to use for our pilot based on then test, learn, and replicate successful ones.


MarTech Stack Vetting

Without proper vetting, you'll end up doing more work and spending more money versus letting your MarTech stack work for you and grow with you. We'll analyze what you need and help you choose the best scalable marketing platforms and technologies. Even better -- with our industry connections and higher volumes, we are usually able to negotiate significantly lower costs for you.


Internal Team Planning

Structure your internal marketing team to grow as your business grows. We'll help you plan the necessary roles to bring in-house according to your current needs and create a framework for you to hire future roles at the right moment. We'll also connect you with reliable talent alternatives, help you formulate job descriptions, and help you vet  candidates for your internal marketing team roles.


Integrations & Data Mapping

Don't end up with unusable data, a broken process, or more unnecessary work. Whether you are organizing, re-structuring, or consolidating your data as a result of implementing or integrating new processes or platforms, Strategy Collective can help you. 


Marketing Automation

Work smarter with marketing automation. We'll help you vet, set, and/or consolidate your platform. We'll create workflows and rules according to your marketing strategies and help your team understand as well as use these automations effectively.

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Our approach to multi-location healthcare marketing

Grow your multi-location healthcare business with a results-driven scalable marketing approach. Here's how we do it.


Setting a pilot. We'll identify key locations in your network that will serve as the pilot for developing tailored framework and strategies.


Focusing on local. One size doesn't fit all. We create custom strategies that address unique challenges for each location.


Centralizing strategies. A centralized process will help you execute marketing strategies with ease, remove bottlenecks, and track results across locations. We'll help you vet the right tools and design the framework.


Offering strategic support. We'll alleviate the pressure on your executive team by providing advisory and strategic support and enable your marketing team to offload hefty or specialized workload.


Matt and Dominique are great strategists that elevate outbound, innovative communications and marketing for their clients with proven metrics, service and ROI. I have used their services for years and it is always a better project when I know they are working on it.

Bryan Pinciaro
CEO Youngstown Twin Labs Investments, LLC
Kingwood, Texas


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Don't sacrifice long-term success for short-term gains in cost-savings. We'll help you spend and execute smartly with a scalable marketing ecosystem that grows with your organization.


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