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How about a centralized and easily scalable digital marketing and advertising strategy that caters to the specific needs, audiences, and situation of each of your healthcare business locations?

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In today’s digital world, patients have the power to sift through all kinds of information with a few simple clicks of a button. In fact, industry studies show that about 89% of prospective patients conduct searches online to find answers for their health queries and about 73% turn to search engines like Google to choose a healthcare provider. The clincher? More than half of all patients searching for providers online (about 55%) click on the first three entries they see.

With this in mind, the challenge for multi-location healthcare businesses is this: Each location must be well-positioned to rank well against competing practices in their territories and attract unique audiences within their geographies, they must appear on search engine results for relevant health queries, they must attract new patients, keep existing ones happy and generate reviews as well as referrals, and ultimately bolster the overarching brand upon which they belong.

The key is to have the right digital marketing and advertising strategy in place -- and by right, we mean something that can be deployed centrally, scale as needed, and address the unique audiences, circumstances, and challenges each of your individual locations are faced with while keeping your brand strong and consistent across the board.

That said, simply having a website with some information won't equate to an increase of foot traffic. To grow every location, you need well-branded and locally optimized websites, digital marketing and advertising campaigns that can attract and convert searchers into patients, well-managed digital reputation with a stream of good reviews from highly-engaged patients, and the right HIPAA-compliant tools and processes in place to enact and monitor these strategies across your business locations. 

Healthcare Marketing To Grow Every Location

Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations, Strategy Collective can help you build digital marketing and advertising strategies that  that will drive marketing results in every local market. 

Our experience and hyper-focus on the healthcare industry will help you reach your digital marketing and advertising goals without wasting time and other valuable resources. 

Drive overall patient volume with scalable digital marketing & advertising strategies

Grow fast and across the board with our help. Strategy Collective specializes in the following digital marketing and advertising services.

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Websites Optimized for Local Search & Conversions

Are your websites (corporate and local) functioning more like a static yellow book entry rather than bringing in visitors, encouraging conversions, establishing local authority, and facilitating interactions? If the answer is yes, it's time to revisit your website structure and search strategy.

We can help you rank higher on search results, improve your website traffic, and ultimately gain more foot traffic for your locations by optimizing your website for local searches and mobile use, communicating your value proposition more effectively, actively managing your directory listings, building off-site authority, and adding strategic calls-to-actions and other intuitive features that help facilitate long-lasting impactful interactions with patients and health practitioners.


Digital Marketing Campaigns by Location

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to multi-location marketing. While all of your business locations are under one brand umbrella, they each face their own challenges and interact with unique subsets of your audiences. Some of your branches may be performing well, some may be newly on-boarded to your brand, some may have certain products, services, or events they are prioritizing, and some may have room to grow in specific areas.

We'll help you align your local marketing goals with your overall enterprise growth objectives. We understand the challenges of multi-location marketing and can help you create data-driven and goal-based digital marketing campaigns geared towards specific needs of each of your locations.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps businesses do repeatable tasks faster, easier, and at the most opportune timing. It can also help facilitate highly personalized experiences for your patients as their specific actions trigger interactions that suit their needs at a particular timeframe.

For multi-location businesses, marketing automation serves as the backbone of scalability. It allows them to enact marketing strategies without fuss from a central system across multiple locations.

We can help you build marketing automation workflows that will lighten up the load and let you put your ducks in a row ahead of time so you can strike when the iron is hot and get your locations adapting your strategies, tools, and processes easily and without hesitation.


Local Paid Search & Social Campaigns

Without a clear plan and the help of an experienced ads manager armed with strategic guidance on the healthcare industry and its trends, businesses can easily waste heaps of money on paid local search and social media campaigns.

Do you know what your goals are  -- clicks to a specific page, downloads, sign ups, appointments set, etc? Do you understand the motivations of your audience in regards to your offer? What about how much you should be spending and for how long?

Time of day, messaging, geographic location, where ads are seen, demographics, and where ads appear on result pages also factor in when it comes to effective paid search campaigns.


Social Media Strategy & Local Campaigns

Multi-location healthcare businesses need a sophisticated strategy when it comes to social media. The goal is to make sure every social media account actively engages with each location's respective audiences while staying true to the overall brand strategy.

Are your social media channels encouraging impressions and interactions? Are they designed to prompt an action, whether it be for your patients to leave reviews, for new patients to walk in the door, for your audience to discover services or procedures you're promoting within a timeframe, or encouraging them perhaps to ask questions, seek, and trust your organization's expertise?

Build a strong social media presence with our help. Strategy Collective has the tools, resources, insights, and experience handling social media strategies for multi-location healthcare enterprises.


Reviews & Reputation Management

Negative reviews can harm not only the reputation of a single location under your umbrella, but they can also sully your business across the board by association. They can put a damper on your growth as both prospective patients and practitioners find reasons to shy away from your brand.

But even worse than negative reviews are those with absolutely no interaction and follow-up from your end. You need to be able to encourage your patients to leave reviews soon after their appointments, and more importantly, you must be able to respond to them and know what to say as reviews come in.

You must have a strategy to encourage patients to leave reviews and incorporate their feedback in your overall business strategies. Reviews are the pulse of your business and they are great indicators of the steps you need to take to grow. We can help you.

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Our approach to multi-location healthcare marketing

Grow your multi-location healthcare business with a results-driven scalable marketing approach. Here's how we do it.


Setting a pilot. We'll identify key locations in your network that will serve as the pilot for developing tailored framework and strategies.


Focusing on local. One size doesn't fit all. We create custom strategies that address unique challenges for each location.


Centralizing strategies. A centralized process will help you execute marketing strategies with ease, remove bottlenecks, and track results across locations. We'll help you vet the right tools and design the framework.


Offering strategic support. We'll alleviate the pressure on your executive team by providing advisory and strategic support and enable your marketing team to offload hefty or specialized workload.

Matt and Dominique are great strategists that elevate outbound, innovative communications and marketing for their clients with proven metrics, service and ROI. I have used their services for years and it is always a better project when I know they are working on it.

Bryan Pinciaro
CEO Youngstown Twin Labs Investments, LLC
Kingwood, Texas


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