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Strategy Collective is a consulting group and marketing nexus specializing in multi-location healthcare marketing.

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A fresh approach to healthcare marketing

Strategy Collective is not like your typical marketing agency. Not only do we focus solely on multi-location healthcare, but unlike our traditional counterparts, we work directly with an organization's C-suite to determine and set high-level strategies and growth goals. Because we want our clients to get the best talent, we bring together multiple specialized agency groups and oversee their projects from start to finish. This enables us to avoid bottlenecks, deliver remarkable results, and scale marketing initiatives as needed. 

We serve clients healthcare organizations with varying specialties -- from surgical centers, to veterinarian groups, and more. We also have an extensive and successful experience working with PE-owned and backed healthcare groups.

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What Makes Us Unique


We focus solely on multi-location healthcare marketing.

By focusing solely on multi-location healthcare marketing, we can draw on a well of wisdom surrounding challenges and circumstances unique to this industry. We've successfully worked with specialized practices, surgical groups, veterinary groups, dental groups -- to name a few -- all with robust nationwide presence.


We create scalable marketing strategies.

Marketing multi-location organizations require the ability to scale initiatives and implement them successfully throughout nuanced branches. We understand this and operate with scalability as the central premise of our strategies. 


We enable your C-suite to make power-play decisions.

We function as an indispensable business resource for your C-suite by providing strategic direction, supplemental expertise, reporting and analytics, and guidance on vetted marketing tools and processes. We help your executive leadership to navigate through campaigns, steer and strengthen your marketing team, offset risks, and get successful returns.


We help you find the right marketing tools and platforms.

We architect MarTech solutions using top-tier marketing platforms in analytics, media, customer-relationship management (CRM) and database, reporting, web development, and more — from the ground up or within your existing stack -- based on your goals and challenges, and not on our vendor relationships.

We are skilled & certified in

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Matt Lee

Co-Founder / Principal

Years ago I worked with Seth Godin as he was writing Tribes. He taught me my greatest lesson: that the best question isn’t “What’s the answer?” but “What’s the question?” In other words, is the rabbit we're chasing worth going down the hole for? Or is there another question better worth answering instead--or first?

It’s critical as a marketing strategist to constantly evaluate our questions and to ensure we’re asking the right ones. Asking the right questions challenges the status quo, and constantly pushes ahead and so we're ready to pivot the moment an opportunity worth chasing arises. Because it isn’t enough for our clients’ customers to be engaged. Our clients have to outperform their competition, and that means we must successfully out-create, out-innovate, out-market their competition.

Your customers don’t want to be sold to. They know what they need to know before they ever meet a salesperson. They want to buy. A marketing strategist, in partnership with you, is to help them in their research so that when they are ready, they buy from you.

We align the marketing strategy with your business goals, there is no standard formula in our work. If you want to build your audience and convert them to customers, and you’re not afraid to take a fresh approach, a great marketing strategist can make it happen. Any client who will entrust my marketing strategies with their growth is a client who will grow. 

Dominique James

Co-Founder / Principal

Dominique began her marketing career as a content marketer with a Clinical Research Organization in Miami, Florida. Ready to gain agency experience, she moved to Houston, TX and served as a Marketing Manager for an award-winning B2B marketing agency. Three years later, she grew into her new role as the agency’s Account Director.

Dominique was responsible for marketing strategy, client relations and communication, and identifying client growth opportunities. Her goal was, and always is, to meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

She later co-founded Strategy Collective with Matt to provide consulting and marketing expertise to B2B and B2C clients seeking an alternative to the traditional agency model.

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Strategy is what we do best. If you're curious about how we can help you, need expert advise on your current marketing strategies, or simply want to pick our brains, let's get in touch! We'd love to hear what's on your mind.